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About Us

Electric Escapes is an authentic Irish soft adventure experience involving local food, heritage, culture and people on easy to use Electric bikes.


Having travelled around the world a few times with Marie, we settled in the west coast town of Westport, county Mayo. It was winter time with the Christmas lights sparkling, rain falling and the faint sound of traditional Irish music carried on the howling wind. We decided to stay for a  night. Now nearly 20 years later, our Mayo-born kids, Ross, 17 and Katie, 15, play the fiddle, speak Irish,play GAA  and know and love the beautiful, amazing landscape around us like their own back yard.


We love the local food, heritage, culture, landscape and craic and have now become part of it. We use local food and produce from our friends: cheese from Andrew, sauces from Red, jam from Sean, mussels and oysters from Padraig, salmon from Carl. Even the vet, Cillian, brews the beer! We then cook them up for you on a hidden beach or secret hillside viewpoint.


We take you to our favourite places to show you things that inspired us to stay and start a tourism business years ago. We keep it small, local, intimate and sustainable in every way. Our best memories have been created by our home and amazing landscape. We still love it and are as thrilled as others to share a sighting of an otter or more of the area's unique wildlife, the artist's light in the ever-changing sky and sea, the remote wilderness, amazing scenery and of course the people that live along the Wild Atlantic Way. We have always loved to get away from the crowds and have a real authentic, soft adventure. That's what Electric Escapes is all about.

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